Your image is our brand -we invest hours to industry meetings, trials with beauty expos and unlimited samples to find the industry leading products for you. Hours of research into the key ingredients of what makes an outstanding cosmeceutical products and the flexibility in products that harness natural ingredients and best technology in production to provide you with outstanding results.

  • Highly Effective: AG has treated thousands of clients for acne, irritated, ageing and problematic skin types, and you and your family will see an amazing difference in your face.
  • Scientifically Advanced: Combining the latest technology, clinical products and intense facial servicing methodologies AG will provide results that return you to your natural, healthy form.
  • Proven Anti-ageing Skincare: AG researches natural remedies to address the harsh conditions of the environment and the stressful lives that impact the woman’s natural radiance.

Gift Vouchers

If you are looking for a great gift for your loved ones, AG will provide customised messages and welcome them for a service that they will forever remember.